We’ve Made Updates To The Site!

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know about the new changes I’ve made to the site and some new additions. First one, I have a logo now!

I believe having an identity and having some sort of representation as a brand will make The White Tee Way more accessible on the internet and create exposure going forward. The White Tee Way is not just a personal blog of my experiences and knowledge, but will evolve into a literal guide to learning about investing & personal finance. Where I grew up and the people I’ve encountered in my hometown of Jersey City, a lot of people did not have the privileges or opportunities to learn about topics such as real estate, personal finance, taxes, loans, credit cards, savings and many other “adulting” topics that we are forced to learn on our own because “that’s just what you do as an adult.”

For the next and future generations that did not grow up as fortunate and privileged as I did, the cycle of uncertainty and lack of education about investing and personal finance ends here.

Another update is, I am on twitter under @TheWhiteTeeWay ! I will regularly post random investing tips such as trading and/or investing stocks, real estate & personal finance. It’s an easier way to engage with readers/followers as well! Please follow!

I hope you enjoy this website and what I have to offer and I hope you will stick around long enough to see the growth in The White Tee Way.


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