Let’s Talk Tracking: FREE 2021 Income & Expense Tracking Spreadsheet!

Hey readers! I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to use a personal finance spread sheet my father provided for me a couple of years ago. I am trying out an app this year and am contemplating on going back to the spreadsheet. Well, we decided that it would be great to let our readers and followers have access to how we track our spending! Check out the link down low and download the new personal finance sheet provided by my father! I have made my own modifications to the spreadsheet over the years but the concept and structure is my father’s own creation. This sheet would not be possible without him.


Please check out the below demo video on how to use this sheet, it’s fairly easy and will get you what you need!

It’s a simple spreadsheet! Log in your expense description, how it much it cost and then copy the cell over to the designated category! It’s a little manual work, but this spread sheet will give you:

  • How much you Spend each month (Expenses)
  • How much you earn each month (Income)
  • Customizable categories, you could even add more if you’d like! Just copy the columns and add it to another column!
  • Average spending and income per month
  • Average spending and income per category!

There is also a separate tab on the bottom to look at your monthly totals and yearly totals separately from the sheet!


Like I said, you will need some basic understanding of excel to use this spread sheet, but it definitely kept me organized the past couple of years! Especially with photography and transitioning into full-time office job work. Try it out, it’s free!



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