Let’s Talk Busy: BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!!

Hey readers! Been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been running around the past month or so trying to get my life in order. Started a bunch of new things and I just haven’t been able to find that time to sit down and write. However, for some reason I got the random urge to write tonight @ 12:46AM when I have to be up for work @ 8:00AM (I wrote this the other night but edited and am posting now). My peak hours are very different but I do have reasons for being up late! I just wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve been doing and am working on because I’m a work in progress every single day!

Getting My Real Estate Salesperson License

Yes! I’m working on obtaining my New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson License!! It’s something I’ve contemplated for the past year or so and I decided to take the leap at the end of the year. I paid and signed up for a real estate school in New Jersey that has been preparing me to take the state exam to become a salesperson. Believe it or not, it’s my last week of school already! I won’t lie, it really drained me. Night classes from 6PM-10PM for 7 weeks on top of working from 8AM-4PM. Let alone daily responsibilities and remembering to eat and drink water! I used to have that type of energy in college, definitely not anymore though! Anyway, I wanted to obtain my license because on top of spreading my knowledge about real estate investing I want to be able to help others get onto this path or find their forever homes. The home buying process can make you nervous, anxious and exited all at the same time and I want to be that go to person to help guide you to the finish line at the closing table. I plan on doing the best I can as an agent to help you find that dream property! Hope I pass my exam in one shot! I’m not a test taker btw so wish me luck!


Getting A HELOC

I’ve mentioned about obtaining a Home Equity Line of Credit in the past and have put it off for too long. Fortunately I have begun the process of obtaining a HELOC and I should have all my documents in before the end of this week and I should be well on my way to access the equity on my property! I’m working with PenFed Credit Union which has been awesome so far! They’ve also appraised my home at around 517k!!! That’s a 67k increase from when I bought the home in 2019. What a jump! Anyway, the HELOC will act as a 2nd cash reserve to my liquid cash reserve and I will use some funds to help fund future deals. I’m all about making sure I have enough reserves, so I’m keeping a good amount of HELOC funds sitting just in case.

Searching For Property #2

I’ve made it a goal this year to find a 2nd property and I will! I love real estate, I love the process of buying a home and I love the thrill of searching for a home. Bear & I have been house hunting the past couple weeks and have seen a couple of homes already. Inventory in New Jersey for multi-family properties are VERY low. We wanted to see a property that was listed on Zillow for like 5 days and when I inquired with my agent about it he came back saying they are already accepting highest offer the next day! The house was only on the market for 5 days and they already had multiple offers! It’s definitely a very competitive market. The Bear & I are hopeful and patient. We understand it’s such a privilege to look for a 2nd property. Hopefully I can reach that goal of a 2nd property this year!

Daily Financial/Real Estate Rituals

I wanted to add in my daily financial rituals because these are things I can’t go without. Everyday I do the same days whether it be during the work day or at night as long as I can get to it:

  • Check and or pay off the Bear & I’s credit card balances.
  • Check checking & savings accounts
  • Log in most recent expenses on Spendee App
  • Split payments between Bear & I (we try to utilize credit card points so I rotate credit cards and split whatever payments we agree on splitting)
  • Monitor any potential investment decisions in the stock market (typically before market open if I am not busy at work)
  • Scan MLS sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia.com for any new multi-family properties in the area.
  • Chat with my father about any updates investment and life wise (I talk to him through Google Chat almost every single day and honestly I love talking to him. He’s always keeping me on track with my goals and dreams and always gives his honest opinions. He also loves to brain storm on new money making ideas and pitches them to me and we look into things together)!

I find this to be one of my most important things to do on a daily basis. I have to be sure our credit cards are up to date, our balances are paid off (we rarely carry large balances), I have sufficient funds in my accounts, etc. I follow the stock market throughout the day but I’m not glued to looking for that “next hot stock.” It’s not worth it for me to stay on my computer browsing for stocks and trying to make short-term profit. I save a lot of my brain power for larger investment decisions such as finding another property and analyzing potential deals that would work for The Bear & I. It’s important to understand that a lot of things I do aren’t so much of a physical grind and are really a mental grind. I spend a lot of time analyzing properties, talking with my mortgage consultant, my agent, my father (who I consider one of my biggest consultants), etc. As a matter fact, two days ago I hopped on a 45 min call with my mortgage consultant, then a 30 min call with my dad to discuss more investment related business and then 15 mins on the phone with my tax accountant to answer questions he had for my taxes. All that right after work at 4PM and before my real estate class at 6PM. At least I had 30 mins to relax right?! So seriously, when I mean I’m busy, I’m busy! Oh and I also find time to spend with the bear and do household stuff. Also monitor my fantasy basketball team, tune in on Nets games, and my sports betting (only use free credits now a days)! That’s all of an update I have for now, hopefully once I’m a licensed salesperson and I’m done with these classes I’ll have more time to write again. I love writing and spreading knowledge and I hope I can do a better job at documenting my experiences.


Till the next update..I’m working on it!


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