I’m Back???

I know know..I haven’t posted anything in months(!!!) I’d like to say a lot of things have been going on this year which to me is a good thing! For this website, not so much. I’ve just been so overwhelmed with all the things I have to do on a daily basis that I haven’t made the time to even sit down and write anything! However, inspiration strikes at the most random times. Or more like a random Wednesday evening (technically Thursday) while I am sitting on my dining table trying to figure out my life. Did I mention I have a dining table now? It’s one of the good buys that the bear picked out for our new place. Definitely love working on here especially since it’s close to the AC and it’s been hot as heck! 2021 so far has been hectic so far. From January-current it just feels like a blur. A lot of times I’ve lost sight on what is most important to me and I’ve constantly put myself behind everything else. A lot of lack of selfcare, self improvement and nourishing my soul. With all this being said, I just wanted to give some updates on my life, investments and anything really!

Property #2!

Oh yeah!!! We locked down property number two! Another house-hacking opportunity with more space! My first property, I mainly focused on the cash flow. However this time around, more space was definitely needed after living in a 450 square feet apartment during a pandemic. The bear and I have our own offices (I am still working from home) and it’s great to have our own washer/dryer. I won’t get into the specifics about the property but there was a catch with this 2nd property: It involved getting renovations done! We’re actually not done yet…the 2nd unit will be ready soon and will be rented ASAP! Happy to finally reveal that purchasing property #2 in 2021 came to fruition. It’s still surreal to me. A lot of work has to be done and I have to be better at organizing myself and my time so I can live better lol

I Got My Real Estate Salesperson License!

Another huge step in my journey towards financial freedom: I am (almost) an activated licensed real estate agent! I passed my exam late March and have yet to find a broker, but that’s okay! I will resume my search soon enough and I will be able to help people sell or buy a property! It’s also been one of my goals to help people with real estate. Whether it is finding your forever home or finding your first investment property, I am committed to helping you succeed. Once my license is activated I can’t wait to help people!

I’m On More Social Media Platforms

This isn’t too much of an update but I just wanted to put it out there for all you Twitter & Instagram users to follow me @thewhiteteeway on both social media platforms! Or click below! I’m dedicating more time to spreading my thoughts on real estate investing, investing in stocks and other assets and personal finance. Does my thoughts really matter? It depends on who you ask. I believe I have a lot of knowledge on topics that others around me are not as educated on. I hope I can help in any way.

The Last Update

As I write here I can’t say everything is fully going well right now. While I have a lot (and I mean a lot) to be grateful for, I still have a lot of work to do. Like I said, I have issues with time management, organization and overall communication sometimes. I’ve been told I’m overworked and exhausted and I need to take care of myself. Which is why I’ve been dedicating more time to better myself and trying to make time to do the things I love: spending time with the bear, working out, writing, talking investing and real estate and so much more. I’m committed to improving myself and to consistently improve. I appreciate all you readers and those who support me. Cheers to more content!


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