Let’s Talk Problems: Recent Homeowner Problems & How I Stay Prepared

Man…let me tell you. When your tenant texts you that the basement floor is leaking water and the AC unit stops working even though it says its on, what is your first reaction? On a professional level, I’d say: “Okay I appreciate you bringing up the issue to me, I will be right on it […]

Let’s Talk Credit Cards: My Current Favorite Cards To Maximize Spending!

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please apply, use and pay off your credit cards responsibly. Hey readers! I’ve started talking one of my favorite topics, credit cards! I’ve demonstrated how to get started on your credit and how I used credit cards to pay off a good portion of my student loans. Now I […]

I Paid $16,000 Worth Of Student Loans Using Credit Cards!

Disclaimer: Please use credit cards responsibly. Trying to earn rewards points does not mean to go into credit card debt to get those points. Proceed with caution and spend responsibly. I am also not the original founder of maximizing credit cards using your student loans. This is simply my own experience, opinion and process to […]

Let’s Talk Credit Scores: An Introduction To Credit

Disclaimer: This is not credit or financial advice. This is simply a small guide into getting started on your credit. Spend responsibly. Have you ever heard of a credit score? Have you ever applied for a home mortgage loan, auto loan, personal loan, credit card or any form of borrowing money from a bank/lender? We’re […]

We’ve Made Updates To The Site!

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know about the new changes I’ve made to the site and some new additions. First one, I have a logo now! I believe having an identity and having some sort of representation as a brand will make The White Tee Way more accessible on the internet and […]

Let’s Talk Teams: Members You Need When Buying Real Estate

Hey readers! Have you decided to buy a house and/or buy an investment property? Have you talked it over with your partner or did your own analysis? Is it time to buy a property but now you aren’t sure of who to have help you on their journey? We’re going to focus on the members […]

Let’s Talk Stocks: What, How & Why I Invest In Stocks

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice or advice to invest in stocks mentioned in this post. This is an opinion and strategy that works for me and is customized towards my comfortability as an investor. Invest responsibly. Hey readers! I spend a lot of time talking about real estate investing and general personal finance tips […]

Let’s Talk Retirement Accounts: 401(k) Plans!

*Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is simply my opinion on how to structure contributing to your retirement. The goal is to think, educate and for you to analyze your own comfortability for your investments. Retirement accounts are another important part of achieving financial independence and overall savings in general. For me, while real […]

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