The Count Down



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I am declaring my desire to retire from “tradition” work at the age of 40! I recently celebrated my 25th Birthday and I’ve come to realize a lot of things. Life really is short. I want to enjoy my life as much as possible and I don’t need to be a millionaire to do that. I chose the age of 40 for a couple of reasons:

  • I bet I will dramatically start to age after my 30’s lol
  • 15 years will give me enough cushion to build as much wealth as possible
  • I want to pursue other things such as bigger real estate deals, businesses, group investing
  • I will still be working, just not at a desk!

This is the life I want. I want to be present in my future kids lives, the bear’s life, my family and friends lives and to be present in my own life.

This is the path I am choosing. I hope you will enjoy the ride!