Let’s Talk Checklists: FREE Income & Expense Checklist!

Hey readers! I am a HUGE believer in tracking expenses and to be honest, it is one of the most difficult things to do on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis! There are so many expenses we all have to keep in mind and we can easily forget to track things! Especially for all you budget lovers out there, you may forget to add in a category for expenses and income when making a budget. We are rolling out our first ever downloadable/printable PDF for you readers!

May I present to you…

Think of this as a list similar to a vacation checklist! You want to make sure everything is accounted for right!? This check list will help beginners make sure they are accounting all the daily/monthly income and expenses that they have. Keep in mind, a lot of these income and expenses that are on the checklist are after-tax related items. That means if you have pre-tax health insurance and 401k/403(b) contributions, you normally won’t see it on your after-tax expenses. This checklist is for all your after-tax related items! You might have your own system or budget already in place, but do you have all types of expenses in place? We just want you to be sure you thought of everything before you log in those numbers in your spreadsheet or mobile phone app! We want you to be sure all your income and expenses are accounted for!


When you are preparing for your 2021 budget, make sure you have this checklist on hand so you know to account for all these income and expenses! We know it’s a lot to think about when you want to get into tracking your finances, so this checklist will be your guide to making sure you didn’t leave out a single income or expense!

Just click the download button, print and enjoy!


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